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Island Scan

Easy shinies in apricorn balls


Note: You can get the "honey" item in any store after clearing three trials.

Step 1: Setup PCalc

To start, make sure PCalc's wild view and game view are open.

Note: In PCalc, "start + left" will open the wild view, and "start + up" will open the game view.

Step 2: Setup 3DSRNGTool

Open up 3DSRNGTool, then follow these instructions to set it up properly:

In the upper right of 3DSRNGTool

  1. Type the Init Seed PCalc shows into the Seed box in 3DSRNGTool.
  2. Change the Game Version dropdown to be the game you're currently playing.
  3. Change TSV to be your game's TSV.
  4. If you have the shiny charm, make sure the Shiny Charm box is checked.

Note: You can find your TSV in PCalc in the Game Info window. Press "Start + Up" to bring up the menu if it isn't already up. The TSV is where it says "YOUR TSV".

On the left of 3DSRNGTool

  1. Click the Wild RNG tab.
  2. Change the Category dropdown to say Island Scan.
  3. Change the Pokemon dropdown to be the Pokemon you are targeting.

On the right of 3DSRNGTool

  1. Follow the timeline guide using the NPC Count PCalc shows for the number of NPCs. Wait at least 30 seconds after bringing up the window to allow for the NPC counter to calibrate correctly.
  2. You should now have a target frame you wish to hit.

In the middle of 3DSRNGTool

  1. Change the IVs to be what you want for the Pokemon.
  2. If you want a shiny Pokemon, make sure the Shiny Only box is checked.

Note: If you don't care about IVs, leave all of the ranges to be from 0-31.

Step 3: The RNG

If you've been following the guide step by step, you should now:

  • Have made a timeline
  • Have a target frame
  • Be standing in the area you want to catch your Island Scan Pokemon in
  • Have the honey item

Note: If one of these is not true right now, you need to start the guide over. Moving the location of your character will mess up the RNG.

Hitting your target frame

  1. Press X to open up the in game menu.
  2. Hold your game's cursor on the bag option.
  3. Watch the Frame counter on PCalc.
    • When the Frame counter is close to your target frame, press Start + Select to pause the game.
    • Press Select multiple times to slowly advance the frames to your target frame.
  4. Once you have reached your target frame, press and hold A to have PCalc unpause the game while you enter the bag.
  5. Find and use the honey item to start a wild encounter.
  6. If the Pokemon you ran into was not the Island Scan Pokemon, see how many frames off you were and adjust.
    • You can do this by searching all frames for the Pokemon's IVs you did get. Check the frame range instead of timeline and search using the IVs of the Pokemon you got.
    • After finding what frame you actually landed on, subtract or add as necessary from the delay and restart from the beginning.
    • This should not happen too many times.

Note: If you paused the game too early, you can press "Start" to unpause the game.

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