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Using IPS Patches with Luma and Citra

Use game patches for instant text, no outlines, and extra fun

Using IPS files with Luma

  1. Find your game's title ID using 3dsdb
  2. Put your code.ips patch at /luma/titles/_title ID_/code.ips

For example, Ultra Moon would be /luma/title/00040000001B5100/code.ips

Using IPS files with Citra

  1. Right click on your game in Citra
  2. Open the update directory
  3. Make a new folder called _your .app file_.exefsdir
    • For example, Ultra Moon's update would be 00000001.app.exefsdir
  4. Put the code.ips in the new folder

Merging patches with IPSPatcher.js

Note: Some IPS patches use a feature called 'RLE' where one byte is repeated multiple times. This method does not support RLE.

  1. Download any IPS files you want to apply
  2. Go to the IPSPatcher.js site
  3. Click the "Merge" button
  4. Select every IPS patch you want to apply
  5. Click "Open" or "Upload" (depending on your browser)
    • A file called merged.ips will be downloaded
  6. Rename the downloaded merged.ips to code.ips
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